This is a society for people that loved robot wars as a child and dearly wished it would once more return to our TV screens, for people that watch Transformers not to perve on Megan Fox, but on Optimus Prime, for people that treat Star Wars as gospel, and think Skynet should have tried a little bit harder on its first go, and for people that don’t see anything unusual about the lifestyle in Weird Al’s “White and Nerdy” It’s also for people actually studying mechatronics, but if you meet any of the above criteria, we’ll take you anyway. The Mechatronics Society: you hear its name whispered at the end of dark corridors at night: probably by the thesis students eating junk food and brandishing soldering irons at the end of it. The Mechatronics Society: you see its banners flying towards you, carried by flying robots on waves of sinister intent: when we build flying robots (coming soon to a society near you; no seriously!) The Mechatronics Society: you eat its bacon, you fire its lasers, you devour its pizza and consume its slightly better quality beer; and wonder what this has to do with engineering. It doesn’t have to, it’s just awesome.