At ANOVA Project, we have a shared passion for understanding how organisations can successfully leverage applied analytics and technology to achieve success. The ANOVA Project aims to help businesses develop better decisions by providing pro bono technological and data-driven solutions. We believe that through quantitative analysis, we can offer a pillar of support for organisations to optimise operations, promote growth, and maximise success in their industry. Our three aims focus on: 1) Students. We wish to bridge the gap. To bridge the disconnect between what students learn in university and what skills they need in the modern workforce. To connect clients with a team of motivated students who stand at the forefront of the new digital era. 2) Industry. With an ever increasing demand for technical skills from organisations as a result of a new wave of technology and data, we seek to help empower organisations to leverage their resources through technology. 3) Community. We at ANOVA rise by lifting others and hence seek to foster a community revolving around technology, data, and impact. By hosting talks from those in industry and academia, we strive to be a medium in which ideas can be expressed and shared.